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Designed to inform, empower and engage, today our application will deliver benefits for thousands of people in Acute, Community, Mental Health and End of Life care.

One fully integrated product, content managed from a simple online control panel

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Service User AppMessage HubSurvey EngineEmployee Engagement AppWeb PortalEvents ManagementInfo HubCare PlanningManage Users

Service User Communication and Engagement App

Fully interactive, white labelled and professionally built for the consumer market

Interactive Map and directions
Add and remove map items, with customisable images, links, description and contact details
Enhanced feedback
Content-managed feedback forms, powerful surveys and more!
Video feeds
Manage your channel, with tailored descriptions and new video alerts
Push notifications
Lock screen notifications, in-app notifications and geo-fencing for interactive push notifications
Service directory
Let your clients put key information in their users pockets
Twitter feed
Your clients can manage their feeds from the control panel
Interactive news feeds
RSS feeds are managed from the control panel,complete with keyword searching and personalisation
Preference settings
Enable users to create an account and manage their preferences
About this app
Space for your client to introduce themselves

Manage messages in your Control Panel with the Digital Messaging Hub

Real time, secure communications via in-app messaging, emails and SMS

Create and store messages
Powerful message editor
Deploy by SMS, in-app alert or email
Multi-channel messaging on users’ preferred devices
Add documents and multimedia content to your messages
Send locations
Help users get there with ease by sending them the location
Schedule releases
Set the dispatch date and time for your messages
Information journeys
Unlimited workflows, to target users with the right information at the right time
Email and SMS management
Rely on user settings or upload your own lists
Preference settings
Enable users to create an account or upload as a batch
Set survey completion as a workflow trigger, deploy surveys in the messaging hub, and more

Create and edit Unlimited surveys in the powerful WYSIWYG editor

Fully integrated survey engine for results and performance, available online, in-app and across touch screen kiosks

Touchscreen format
On mobile, on paper, online – we’ve got it covered
Online format
Online, on paper, on mobile – we’ve got it covered
Create beautiful surveys with standardised templates
Media library
Images or videos as stimulus
Time saving features built-in, like duplicating questionnaires
Powerful analytics
Insight for decision making, where and when it is needed
Assign to audiences
Push the right surveys to the right users at the right time
Warehouse data from third party sources
Extract for in-depth analysis

Employee Communication and Engagement App

Designed with organizational development experts; benefit from our white labelled, professionally built app. A completely secure channel that meets the highest standards of information governance.

About this app
Space for your client to introduce themselves
Staff directory
Put the staff list in users’ pockets
New starter orientation
Add and remove map items, with customisable images, links, description and contact details.
My messages
Replacing all staff emails with personalised interactive content
Enhanced feedback
Content-managed feedback forms, powerful surveys and more!
Goal cascading
Documents, policies and goals cascaded team by team
Push notifications
Content comes to life with lock screen and in-app notifications
Twitter feed
Your clients can manage their feeds from the control panel
Interactive news feeds
RSS feeds are managed from the control panel,complete with keyword searching and personalisation
Preference settings
Enable users to create an account and manage their preferences
Enhanced privacy features provide user confidence

Web Portal

Capable of handling an unlimited number of user registrations and capturing preferences; this slick portal can segment and profile audiences to deliver targeted and relevant communications in real time

Create account
Simple online sign up form
Password reminders
The computer does all the work
Manage Preferences
Online or in-app
Privacy statements
Managed by you in the control panel
Online surveys
Targeted questions and personalised surveys
Manage notifications
Personalisation options
When you come on board you’ll have an equal say in the product roadmaps
We prioritise our development work according to client need
Regular updates, keeping the code base stable and secure
In the cloud
We support your early stage development, anywhere in the world in the cloud

Events management

Sophisticated events management with powerful controls for event organisers

Schedule of events
Make upcoming events easily visible to your users
Admin settings
Easily manage organisers, set notification preferences and manage the events schedule
Simple targeting
Invite users to events by Team or Audience
Organiser view
Enable organisers to view attendees and edit event details directly in the web portal
Find the venue
Choose an existing location or quickly add the event venue to the map
In app
Targeted events, directly on my smartphone
Enable or disable the Events schedule in the web portal
Users can accept or reject events on their preferred device
Automatic notifications to send invites and alert users to event updates

Patient pathways and staff user journeys

Fully customisable alerts enabling users to brows pathways and opt in for notifications

Right information, right person, right time
Get the right information to service users and staff
Targeted workflows
Automate routines like new starter onboarding with simple but sophisticated workflows that save time and money
Patient pathways Patient pathways
Ensure that people know what to expect
Signposting and social prescribing
Provide information and guidance or signpost to local organisations for support
Browsable repository of information
Enable users to search for relevant content on the web portal
Opt in or out of workflows
Let me opt in and opt out and manage my anchor dates directly in the web portal
By email
Send scheduled information updates directly to the user’s preferred email address
In app
send your message by SMS or in-app with push notifications to the service user’s smartphone app
Anchor dates
Set and manage anchor dates for message workflows so the right information is sent to the right person at the right time

Care Planning

Powerful care planning tool facing both staff and patients, wherever they are

Show the service user what happens for their care
Ensure patients know what happens next in their plan of care
Access granted
Enable the right staff members to contribute to the care plan, wherever they work
Join relatives and carers to the plan
Make carers and relatives part of the team around the patient, wherever they are
Set and manage goals
Set goals and show progress against targets
Share records
Add and edit notes and share with the right members of the team
Secure integration options
Integration can help your team get all the benefits of care planning, without leaving their current systems

User Management

Manage users with automation and by batch

Customise for synch
Dynamically create fields in the user table to match remote database
Field mapping
API, LDAP, batch upload: map fields between the remote and local databases
LDAP: Selective synch
Field by field, allow users to update locally
API docs
Clear documentation for POST API
API Settings
Make sense of new fields and cycle tokens in settings
Dynamically create hierarchy
By LDAP or API, dynamically create your organisation hierarchy from Active Directory, the patient records system or a data warehouse
Admin Controls
Create, manage and purge users from the admin console